Share Your World – June 26, 2017

Hello everyone! I hope your summer vacay is just around the corner, I start next week. Here’s my take on this week’s Share Your World. Do take part with your own post or check out the other cool challenges on Cee’s blog.


What goal are you working on now?

I happy to tell you that I just accomplished my main goal! The goal was to find something very interesting to study and be accepted there as a student. I haven’t studied in ten years so it’s a fun challenge. Perhaps my next goal is to start planning the Krakow trip I’m going on with my two colleagues. Any tips on Krakow are welcome!


What is one thing you’re glad you tried but would never do again?

I have a habit of saying “I’m NEVER going there again, I’m NEVER eating that again”. So I guess there are many such things, LOL! Hmm.. one thing I did try and would never do again was be a kindergarten manager. I lasted three weeks – not because of the job but because the place where I was supposed to be the manager was so awful in all possible ways. It kind of put me off the profession for good.


Did you choose your profession or did it choose you?

I guess I chose the particular profession I’m doing now. My last profession chose me, I was really passionate about it. In the end it also dumped me (!), as the work I was doing was shut down. Nevertheless, I’m not sad about it as I would never go back to it now – there is a time for everything as they say.


Have you ever gotten lost?

I have but I’ve always managed to find my way, so maybe that doesn’t count. Mainly by car with the navigator taking me to all sorts of strange places or walking in a foreign city.


Optional Bonus question: What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

I’m grateful that both my daughter and I heard that we have been accepted to study from Fall onwards. My daughter will start studying to be a teacher. It’s very exciting! I’m looking forward to the Guns ‘n Roses gig in Hämeenlinna on Saturday- I hope they play lots of their oldies, I’m not really familiar with their newer material. Anyone out there been to a G’nR concert?

All these pictures are from our sailing trip to Lähteelä in Kirkkonummi.


17 thoughts on “Share Your World – June 26, 2017

  1. Before I read your next post to see how you liked the concert: I heard Gn’R live in Vienna in 1992. I mainly accompanied my underage sister and her friend there, but I lost them to the front row after the opening acts, which to my immense joy were Soundgarden and Faith No More. Still, when the first Gn’R song could be heard (I think it was “It’s So Easy”), I started to do my first ever, spontaneous headbanging. 😀 I must admit I repeated that quite often in the later years when I listened to bands such as Clawfinger which I saw with my sister on some three or four occasions. I forgot all the details of the Gn’R concert except that it was a LOT of people, it was loud and pretty good. And a memorable moment happened some days before: I was riding the 1 tram around the Ring, as one does in Vienna, and at a stop I looked out and who would be standing right there below me with his wife if not the bassist Duff McKagan – I knew them all since my sis was kind of obsessed. He looked straight at me and waved with a little smile, and I think my sister almost died from envy when I told her about this later. 😀 I hope they still kick ass!

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    1. Wow how cool to hear of you memories! I can just imagine your sister’s jealousy LOL!! I too loved Soundgarden and Faith No More 💕💕 GnR was awesome, I had so fun and felt quite nostalgic too listening to all the hits I loved. I’m so glad for the chance to see them. Too bad the concert itself was poorly arranged and we had to wait almost two hours in the car park just to drive out 😬😬

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  2. My question is the same as Mary’s …. what program did you get accepted into?!

    I love the photos of the rocky shoreline. It reminds me a lot of areas north of here in the Canadian Shield. It’s very popular cottage country.

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    1. Hi Joanne! It’s a Master’s program called “Community Development, Human Rights and Conflict Resolution”. 😀 Wow, Canadian Shield looks gorgeous, just googled it – Finland except with higher hills! xx


      1. That’s what I thought too when I started seeing photos from various bloggers in Finland. There terrain looked so familiar 🙂

        Your Master’s program sounds really interesting. I’m assuming it is related to the type of work you do.

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    1. Oh yes, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to disclose it 😛 – it’s a Masters in “Community Development, Human Rights and Conflict Resolution”! The studies will be in English. I can’t wait! xx

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        1. Thanks so much! It’s all very exciting as this is a one time degree in the sense that this is the first year it’s being arranged and also probably the last 😀

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