The House of Four Winds

As the US has the Hamptons, Finland has Hanko. It’s the place to be seen every summer.


Hanko truly is a special place with gorgeous wooden villas, marinas dotted with yachts and a beautiful shoreline. This summer I wanted to go and discover a historical café – The House of Four Winds (Neljän tuulen tupa).


The café is located by magnificent cliffs that fall into the sea. It’s a three kilometre walk from the center but if you’re not into walking, it could be a good idea to rent a bike and cycle along the beach trails to get there.


The café was established in 1904. There have been several owners, of which the most famous was Finland’s greatest statesman Marshal C. G. E. Mannerheim. He owned the café from 1927 to 1933. They say he was annoyed by the noise that came from the café to the nearby island where he was staying, so he decided to run it himself!


After our long walk to the café, we gladly enjoyed some refreshments. The cakes were lovely as was the tea. You can also have a meal here if you prefer.


The café is only open in summer, from May to the end of August.

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Have you visited Hanko? Let me know your impressions in the comments below!


20 thoughts on “The House of Four Winds

    1. I haven’t been to the Hamptons either but I’d love to see the summer scene there. I guess I should sometimes at least try to say no to cakes and good food 😛

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  1. We visited in June. Hanko is lovely and the restaurant was great.
    My grandfather sailed from Hanko in 1912 to come to Australia. I always thought it was Helsinki, but I recently saw his passport and Hanko was the port he left from.

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