Weekly Favourites, September 1, 2017

A week has flown by again! As I haven’t really taken any photos this week, I’m showing you photos from this Spring of a allotment garden in Helsinki.

The idea is that people have their own small plot of land where they can grow flowers, veggies – whatever they like. However, this being Finland, there are many rules on what your little yard should look like, so you can’t go all out. The little cottages you see in the photos are habitable, so it’s quite a cool way to spend your summer. Also the communities in these places are very close knit which adds to the charm.

Anyway, last Friday was exciting, as my co-workers Laura, Lilli and I got together to plan our trip to Krakow. We have had our flights and accommodation for many months now but needed to get some tickets for the sights and an idea of what we want to do. Hear out our rough plan: on the day we arrive, we will be visiting Schindler’s Factory. Then, on the second day, we will be spending the whole day in Auschwitz. I’m quite nervous about that – I’m sure it’s going to be quite an emotional visit. On our last full day we will be going to the Wieliczka Salt Mines. I would love to hear any recommendations you may have for Krakow, especially restaurants (that have vegetarian dishes) and bars! We are staying in the Jewish quarter.


Last weekend I spent one whole day painting the inside of a little shed – like the one below – in our own yard. We have major yard construction going on in our garden and it includes adding a new shed. The shed still has to be painted from the outside. Even though the yard has progressed quite nicely, there’s still a long way to go, as our garden is still missing all plants! I look forward to next Spring, when I will hopefully be able to enjoy the garden to the fullest.


On Sunday I went sailing with hubby. I have had enough of sailing for this summer and I’m ready to get the boat back on the hard at this point. I think hubby is still hoping for a sail or two but I’m just waiting for the date when our marina allows boats to be lifted out of the water again.


This week work was fun, as we had an event at the Clarion hotel. If you are thinking of a place for a meeting, I can warmly recommend the Clarion in Jätkäsaari. After, you can go up to the Sky Room for a drink with a view. This weekend my colleague and I will be taking part in a fair at a shopping center. It will be something different from the ordinary work routine which is always refreshing!


One of the highlights this week was a morning swim with my old colleague Laura at Allas Sea pool. Boy was I glad the water is heated – just walking to the pool in the wind was agony! Actually, this week has had many highlights, as on Thursday I had afternoon tea at the Kämp hotel with my dear friend Niina. We had some Prosecco to celebrate all the things that have happened to us since the last time we met – lovely!


I hope you’ve had a great week. What plans do you have for the weekend? Oh, and don’t forget to mention any Krakow tips if you have them.

Happy September y’all!


18 thoughts on “Weekly Favourites, September 1, 2017

  1. Wow your week sounds like fun! Prosecco and all 😋 Yum! How funny that you are going to Krakow: I just booked a weekend trip there rather randomly and spontaneously for hubby and I next summer. I have Finnair Plus points which will expire and I had enough of them to buy 2 tickets somewhere in North Europe, so I just selected Krakow because we haven’t been to Poland and because the architecture seemed to be older than in Warsaw, based on a super speedy google check! I love traveling spontaneously 💕 Anyway, I can’t wait to read your posts on it!! Though I’m pretty sure we won’t be visiting Schindler’s factory or Auschwitz, since it’s our first trip abroad after the twins, I think we’ll be pampering ourselves downtown instead 😊 When are you going? Ps Beautiful garden pics!

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  2. Oh these little gardens and cottages are found in Poland too! Almost everyone who lives in city, usually in apartment blocks owns a garden with a little cottage with basic amenities. I didn’t know that they were found in Finland too. I thought summer lake houses were more of a Finnish thing. 🙂
    My boyfriend’s parents spend the entire summer in their garden, and we join them often for barbecue etc.
    I’ve been to Krakow twice and just visited the famous sights. I hope you’re going to Wawel Castle? It’s really near Old Town, and if you’re into museums I’d suggest you check out the underground museum under old town hall. I really enjoyed learning a bit of history in the museum although I almost never visit museums in general.
    Auschwitz is an emotional place – the visit left me unsettled for at least few days 😦 Hope you’ll have a great trip! Krakow is a great city, one of the best in Poland 🙂

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    1. Ooh so exciting to hear you experiences on Krakow. ☺️ We will have to see if we have time for Wawel, also that museum sounds very interesting! Wow I didn’t know people had these cottages in Poland too, how cool! I guess we both learnt something new ❤️

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