Uunisaari Island in Summer

This summer I got an urge to discover Uunisaari Island on a summery night. The island is one of my favourites but I’ve previously only visited in the winter months.

In winter, you can simply walk over a bridge to get to the island. However, in summer you must hop onto a small ferry which takes you across.


You need to pay a small fee to do so. At the time we went, the return ticket was four euros. If the ferry were free, I’m sure more people would visit the island. On the other hand, I do understand that the people behind the island’s restaurant need to cover the costs of whoever steers the boat.


Anyway, off we went. It was lovely to see people sitting outside enjoying the light summer night.


I love the way the outside was decorated. There was a bar outside too.


The indoor restaurant Ugn serves food and drinks.


After a while it got so chilly that we had to move indoors. Here’s me looking goofy.


The sun set behind the Helsinki skyline.


Don’t you think it looks inviting with the fairy lights?


As we left, Uunisaari was almost engulfed in darkness.  Next on my bucket list is trying out the Uunisaari sauna!


Check out my previous posts about Uunisaari to see what the island looks like in winter – it’s amazing!

Uunisaari Island in Winter Darkness
Uunisaari Island in Winter

Are you familiar with Uunisaari island? Let me know your impressions in the comments below.


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