Thursday Doors, 7 th September 2017

I hope you don’t get bored with me as I always seem to post doors from Tallinn. Here’s another collection.

Interesting color combinations here.


That green paint sure is bright.


I wonder what that tiny door has been used for? It even has a lock.


Look at how old and worn the building is around this door!


A brown door.


A gate, not a door but too romantic to leave out. ❀


Do you accept this as a door? I guess it’s really a window shutter. It reminds me of Paris.


Come and join Norm’s Thursday Doors challenge every week with your own door post! This week Norm is taking a blogging break, so you can find the challenge on Dan’s blog here.


15 thoughts on “Thursday Doors, 7 th September 2017

  1. These are great! I love iron gates and shutters, so I say they count as doors. I’ve never seen Norm draw a line and say “that’s not a door” so I think your safe. Besides, the photo is so cool πŸ™‚

    I love the little door, and I really like the green panels in the second door. The first photo is really interesting. It looks like a very nice place to relax for a cup.

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