Thursday Doors, 14th September 2017

The Old Town in Tallinn has so many exquisite doors that I wonder if I’ll ever have seen them all. You could also call them Medival Doors.

The door on the left leads you to a tourist trap restaurant – Olde Hansa.


Look at that tiny door on the upper corner of the building. Or is it rather a window?


Here’s another shot of the same building.


These yellow details are quite nice.


There are many touristy doors in the Old Town.


This door must lead to a cellar.


Interesting how the wood at the bottom of this door has been worn. Has rainwater or snow caused this I wonder?


Here’s another touristy door leading into a souvenir shop.


If all goes well, I hope to bring you doors from Krakow next time we meet.Β Do take part in this challenge with your own door post every week at Norm’s blog. However, this week Norm is on holiday and the challenge is hosted by Manja Mexi Movie here.

17 thoughts on “Thursday Doors, 14th September 2017

    1. Tallinn always seems to have something new to discover. Like what I found on your blog, the pharmacy and unicorn horn! I’d never heard of that before but now I wonder if I need it πŸ˜‰ Thank you for commenting and visiting!


  1. I love doors! I look forward to following your blog! I live in Asia and would enjoy joining the Thursday Door photos by sending some from here. Have a nice day!

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    1. Hi Brenda! I would love to see your doors from Asia πŸ€— Your blog seems very interesting, I will be following along 😎 Take care and see you in the blogsphere!

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  2. Oh yes, great stuff. I especially like the little door-window and the yellow splashes. Just one correction: Joey was the guest host last week and I am it this week. Thanks for playing! I’ll have a look what you’ve been up to in your past posts as well sooner or later. And thank you, Helsinki, for your half of the basketball championship. πŸ˜‰ Slovenian players loved it and continue to do so in Istanbul because they will play in the finals on Sunday!

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    1. Oh my, I haven’t been watching basketball at all – but sounds good to me for the Slovenians! Sorry for my blunder with the host – I wrote my post ages ago and didn’t check before publishing it 😦 xx

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