Thursday Doors, 21st September 2017

For your enjoyment – a quick assortment of doors from the Jewish neighbourhood, Kazimierz, in Krakow!

An official looking door.


What a shame that this beautiful door has been covered in graffiti!


There seems to be some kind of notice on this door.


The door itself is a bit boring but the relief above it catches your eye.


If I remember correctly, this door was a side door to a synagogue.


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16 thoughts on “Thursday Doors, 21st September 2017

    1. Yes, Kazimierz was a really cool district to stay in! If you want an apartment recommendation, I have it 👌 Food is very trendy, lots of vegan and vegetarian choices for those who are into that. Loved it and would like to go back! 💕💕

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    1. Yes, it would be quite depressing to have to enter the graffiti door every time you go home. I didn’t think to look what kind of building it was (homes or offices)…


    1. How cool! I have no idea how you celebrate Rosh Hashanah, I hope you write a post on how you celebrated in Finland. I am not familiar at all with Jewish traditions!


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