Thursday Doors, 5th October 2017

 I always discover new doors in Tallinn, take a peek at these.


Purple on a door!


This door is accompanied by a smaller door on the left.


I must say that this door is quite boring but the shape is interesting.


This is quite a grand door. It leads into a church.


Here’s a decorative door for you.


Now this house was an interesting find. I was on a walk quite far from the city center, in a park like area when I stumbled upon this. I wonder who lives there?


Do take part in Norm’s weekly Thursday Doors challenge! You can find more information about it here.


16 thoughts on “Thursday Doors, 5th October 2017

  1. This is so cool!! I love the idea! Have you been to London? In East London they have doors that are numbered in halves so 11 and 11 and a half. Buildings split in two and numbered like this in modern times. I think you’d love that!! Thanks for sharing xx

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    1. Yes, I’ve been to London but I never noticed these doors. Thank you for pointing out the numbering, I will definitely need to check this out when I go back. Hopefully next year! ❤

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  2. Excellent collection. So many wonderful discoveries there. Tallinn is definitely a world-class door destination 😉
    Thanks for joining us this week. If you have time don’t forget to swing by and add this post to our link up list to make it easier for others to find it. Just look for the blue “froggie” button near the bottom of my post. Cheers!

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