Breakfast in Kraków

Do you happen to be a breakfast person like me? If so, you will be happy to hear my tips on where to go for your morning meal in Kraków!

I arrived in the city with my two girlfriends, Laura and Lilli, early on a Saturday morning. We walked aimlessly around our neighbourhood Kazimierz, feeling quite hungry. I had some cafés starred on Google Maps but they all only served sweet pastries and coffee. We spotted several Obwarzanek krakowski -carts around selling the famous Polish bread but as we wanted to sit down, we had to continue looking.


Just a quick mention – we did have one of these chewy bread rings another time and it was delicious, so don’t walk by those carts without a taste.


Anyway, getting back to the story of hunting for breakfast. Suddenly we spotted Zenit and what a find it was!


Vegetarians and vegans will be happy to hear that Kraków caters for these diets beautifully. All cafés we visited served coffee with soy milk, coconut milk, oat milk.. you name it! In addition, many cafés had free range eggs on the menu and lots of vegan choices. Hummus seemed to be the trendiest food of all time and it could be found on almost every menu.


After going on about how I wanted to eat something other than cake, I opted for french toast with fruits and Nutella. What! Well I couldn’t not have it, as the buttery toast was calling my name. I’m sure you understand. Zenit turned out to be a super cool place that filled up just moments after we’d arrived. Make sure you reserve a table on weekend mornings!


On Sunday we had planned to visit Auschwitz. Before our trip, I had researched for a café nearby the train station for that purpose. The café of our choice was called Wesola.


Like Zenit, this café was very trendy and seemed to be popular with people of all ages.


I loved the look inside but we opted to sit in the courtyard. Here’s a top tip for Kraków – make sure you always ask if the restaurant you are visiting has a courtyard – most of them seem to have one and it’s the best place to sit on a warm day.


Wesola had an abundance of goodies to choose from. Everything looked so delicious.


We went for the bagels with different toppings and smoothies. And coffee of course. So good. I’d definitely put this place on my list of must-dos if I were you!


Monday was Salt Mine day. On this day we had decided to try Uber for the first time, so we didn’t have any strict requirements on the location of the café. So from Kazimierz, we walked to Moja.


Again, we found an extensive breakfast menu. Heaven!


I’m not sure if you will believe me, but I do not usually eat so much for breakfast. The prices in Kraków were very affordable and I felt like trying everything, so at times I did go a bit overboard. At Moja, I had toast and a smoothie.


In addition (!!) to the toast, I had the pancakes with bacon. And maple syrup. Oh my goodness! Laura had the vegan millet apple pancakes. Moja has very friendly service but perhaps the two other cafés were a step above it in terms of food. However, I would not mind visiting again!


Below you can see Lilli’s super healthy sandwiches and granola with yoghurt. Oh and a smoothie to boot.


The last place on my list is not exactly breakfast but it could be, as isn’t cake breakfast? Poland is famous for apple pie – Szarlotka – so of course we had to find some to try. On our last day we did some speed shopping for presents to take home at a local mall, Galeria Krakówska and found Grycan.


As we’d been eating so much, we had to admit defeat and share. In addition to cakes, they had ice cream, cocktails, coffee, smoothies… A great place to relax after shopping! Oh and the apple pie was divine.


Have you been to Kraków? Do you have any breakfast recommendations you’d like to share?



25 thoughts on “Breakfast in Kraków

  1. All photos look so good! I’d give 10 out of 10 to the french toast with Nutella 🙂 I didn’t know that szarlotka is popular in Poland too. This type of apple pie is the go to in Russia and ex-USSR republics and one of the strongest memories from my childhood. This pie is a good addition to autumn evenings 🙂

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    1. Hehe sounds like you like my kind of breakfast Elena 😍 So interesting to hear that Szarlotka is familiar to you from you childhood. It’s so good! For me, a childhood memory would be blueberry pie or strawberry cream cake!

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