Iringa Sunset

When in Iringa, Tanzania, I had one goal. To catch the sunset from a viewpoint. However, that was not an easy task because of our timetables.


The Tanzania visit was a study trip which of course meant that we were busy with school everyday. So, I wasn’t sure if this goal could actually be realized. Fortunately, we had Damas.


Damas was one of the Tanzanian students who was assigned to show us around Iringa. He was a real gem, as he gladly came to take us to the sunset viewing place at a moment’s notice!


Iringa Sunset is actually a hotel. It is located in Gangilonga hills overlooking Iringa town. The area is upscale and peaceful. There were many gorgeous houses around. I’d love to stay there next time when in Iringa – it’s just a 10 minute walk from town.


Damas is well conneted in Iringa, so he had no trouble getting bajadis to take us to Iringa Sunset. A bajadi is a sort of tuktuk. The ride was exhilarating!

Once there, we rushed to the sunset deck to take our places not wanting to miss a thing.


And of course we ordered some cold Kilimanjaros. This is the best beer in Tanzania and worth a try for even someone who isn’t usually into beer (that’s me!).


Quite quickly the sun started setting.


We had a lot of laughs while taking photos left and right.


The deck is really high up, so the views are spectacular.


My friends Salla, Aino and David posing. You might recognize Salla and David as they were the ones who visited The Igeleke Cultural Heritage Site with me!


Unfortunately the weather was a bit cloudy, so we didn’t get the full effect of the sunset.


Still, that didn’t stop me from taking a zillion sunset photos.


And then, the sun disappeared.


Slowly the light started to fade and the city lights twinkling.


It really is pretty on the deck even when it gets dark, it’s amazing to see the whole Iringa town light up below!


The deck restaurant serves African, Western and Asian cuisine.


Unfortunately the food took way too long to arrive. To kill time and warm up a bit, we decided to pay a visit to the fireplace.


I love these girls!


Finally, after around a two hour wait (!!), the food was served. Needless to say, we were pretty hungry at that point. The chicken wings and chips sure tasted good.


Here’s the Iringa Sunset gang one last time. Thanks again Damas for taking us on this marvellous visit!

Photocredit Damas

Have you been to Iringa Sunset? If not, what’s your favourite place to watch the sun set? Let me know in the comments below!


22 thoughts on “Iringa Sunset

  1. What a wonderful pictorial snapshots of your trip! Tanzania was a place I dreamt of going to as a child … still haven’t made it there yet! so it is so very lovely to see it right here.

    I love sunsets; but it takes so much patience, or a fortuitous timing! It is wonderful that you had a plan and were able to execute that plan!

    Goodness, I get Slow Food, but a 2-hour wait for a meal redefines it!

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    1. Haha I’m really not a fan of slow food. Yesterday I had to wait 1 hr 25 min for my meal at a Finnish restaurant. I did get a 50% discount but will never go again!!

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  2. Amazing sunset and great photos! I love to watch sunset from a top of a hill or a mountain. My most lasting memory about sunset is from the Sugarloaf mountain in Brazil.


  3. Beautiful! Looks like it was warm, at least before the sun went down. 😉
    My favorite place to watch the sunset is over the ocean. Particularly in Seaside, Oregon. It’s simply magical.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. The coast is lovely! It’s a main reason I don’t like being landlocked. We lived in Wisconsin before moving to Finland and the only water was lakes. It’s just not the same as the ocean – or the Baltic!

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  4. Tanzania is so on my bucket list! I’d love to go there! Here in Orange County, my fav place to watch the sunset is at this hill in Laguna Beach called top of the world. Fantastic sunset over the ocean!

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