A Short Hello

We’re back to winter here in Finland. It’s dreadfully cold and there’s snow on the ground. But.. the sun was shining beautifully all day today!

I take that as a promise of Spring.


14 thoughts on “A Short Hello

  1. I passed by the flower shop today and noticed tulips in boxes. They were so beautiful! Definitely reminded me that all this snow and cold is not forever. Spring is around the corner, it’s just the corner seems to be huge 🙂

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    1. Oh tulips 🌷🌷 My favorite flowers, I have to start buying them again, thanks for the reminder Elena! Haha very well put, the corner sure is huuuuge 😅


    1. I always make the mistake of thinking Spring is around the corner this time of year. But as it turns out, there’s still quite a few months of winter weather left… Thank goodness for the sun!

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