I haven’t taken part in The Daily Post’s photo challenge for a while and started missing it. This week you are encouraged to find something or someone sweet to share. I decided to look at some sweet stuff from Tanzania.

Last October I travelled to Iringa, Tanzania, for a study trip with a group of fellow students. We attended lectures at the Iringa University and of course in between there was lunch and of course tea! It was always interesting discovering what treats were in store for us at tea-time. Here you can see some pastries. Below is what we nicknamed the “munkki” (doughnut in Finnish) even though it looks more like a Finnish meat pie. Not the most healthy afternoon snack! Please note that there might have been two of those delights on my plate but as it happens, I was just sharing a plate with my friend.


Another sweet treat I really enjoyed in Tanzania was the ginger ale. I got quite excited about them and haven’t been able to shake the obsession back home which is not such a good thing as they are so sugary. First, the Azam Tangawizi.


And then a classic… aaah.. the Stoney. This is definitely my choice of drink when in East Africa, as the ginger really tastes and you can even feel it burning a bit. I haven’t been able to find a comparable ginger ale in Finland yet. Let me know if you know of one!


Both should be drank ice cold for the best flavour.

Have you had anything sweet this past week?


14 thoughts on “Sweet

    1. Oh yes ginger beer is super sweet! I just tried a new brand and my teeth hurt from all the sugar. I had to google your cake, it does sound lovely 😍 Thanks for visiting!

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  1. I also like ginger ale Suvi, but hardly ever drink it, I must remember next time! Yesterday, we had sweet treats as it was Shrove Tuesday here in the U.K. when it is customary to eat pancakes with sugar and lemon for dessert. Of course we make too many but can’t resist the temptation of eating them all. In some towns they even have pancake races in the street when people run tossing pancakes being cheered on my spectators!

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    1. Yum that sounds lovely! I have never tried pancakes with lemon. Here we eat them with jam and whipped cream. Sometimes just plain sugar. Did you have a laskiaispulla or runebergintorttu when in Finland? 🙂

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  2. After your comment on my picture, I came here to see your photo and thought “there is snow in Tasmania??”… but you were speaking of Finland right?! 😉

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