Statues of Tartu

I love photographing statues. There’s so many different ones in this world. Here’s some fun ones I found in Tartu, Estonia.

I was actually quite amazed at how many statues there were in Tartu. First, two birds blocking cars from driving onto one of the streets in the Old Town.


Below is one of the statues I’d read about beforehand. It’s called Father and Son and it was completed in 1977. Apparently it’s the sculptor himself – Ülo Õun (1944-1988) – and his son at aged 18 months at the time.


Sometimes it’s good to look above you – these two I noticed on a building in the Town Hall Square.


It was in that very same place that I came upon these two ladies. Mother and daughter or perhaps grandma with her grandchild? I haven’t managed to find any information on this one, so please enlighten me if you know more.


This little piggy is so cute! Although, on the other side of it the sculptor has marked which parts of the pig are edible. The building next to the piggy is the Market Hall. So it’s a bit macabre as the pig is on sale inside as slabs of meat.


Not exactly a statue but I had to include this – a sign implicating the local theatre school.


Now this here is quite a cheeky one! It’s Irish writer Oscar Wilde (1854-1900) and Estonian writer Eduard Vilde (1856-1933). They probably never met but here they are immortalized in a literary chat together forever.


This handsome man was inside a brewery. He was guarding all the beer.


Here’s grand Barclay de Tolly (1761-1818), a renowned Russian military leader.


The most famous statue in Tartu must be The Kissing Students. As Tartu is a University town, it’s very fitting to have students represented.


Here’s photos of it in evening and daylight. I would love to see it in the summer, as then it’s a fountain!


In front of the Vanemuine Theatre, you can find this gentleman – Eduard Tubin (1905-1982). He was an Estonian conductor and composer. He fled the Soviet Union to Sweden in 1944 and lived in Stockholm for the rest of his life.


Technically this below isn’t a statue. But strangely enough, you can find a National Geographic frame in Tartu! That’s me waving a hello to you.


I know I missed many interesting statues along the way. Maybe you can tell me about them?

Happy weekend everyone!


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