Hey you!

I’m just checking in to let those of you who still remember me know that I’m still alive! This past year has been super busy and sadly it looks like that’s how things will be for me for one more year. Read on to learn what’s been going on.

After almost ten years of saying I’d never study again, last Spring I got some kind of weird inspiration to apply for a program to do my second Master’s degree. And as it went, I was accepted into the program which started in August. The studies have been intensive, as there have been essays after essays to write and tons of group work to arrange. Combining studying, work, sailing, boat maintenance, gardening, travel and my busy social life has been quite exhausting and the reason for my quiet blog.


I am happy to report that I have now completed all the courses and am slowly starting on my thesis. Studying after such a long while has been surprisingly easy but extremely time consuming. Of course, the best thing has been getting to know new people from different backgrounds and making new friends.


In addition to studying, the past year has been busy with travel! There was Kraków with two dear friends in September. October took me to Tanzania with my fellow students. Even thought the trip gave me health problems for months on end (!!), the good memories of Iringa will always stay in my heart. November took me to Tallinn for a day trip with a dear Danish friend and in addition my colleagues and I went on a weekend break to Eerikkilä Sports Resort. In December Milano called my name. In January hubby and I took the ferry over to Estonia and drove to Tartu. In March I visited Tampere with my Kraków besties in tow. In May hubby and I flew to Berlin for the Guns ‘n Roses and Max Richter gigs. Listing all these destinations here makes me grateful that I’ve been able to travel so much. I’ve also had meet-ups in Finland with my friends from all over the world throughout the year. Praise be! 😉


In May I got more news on the study front. Early Spring I got an urge to apply for another program which would qualify me to be a teacher in vocational schools or schools of applied sciences. I really don’t know what I was thinking. When I got the news that I was accepted, I had very conflicting emotions. On the other hand, I was extremely tired from a full-on year of studying, but then, I knew that I might never be accepted into the program again if I gave it a pass.


So I ended up accepting the study place and my new studies started in May. The school is in Hämeenlinna (around 120 km from where I live) but thankfully the commute is needed only once or twice a month. This degree takes one year to complete. I am anticipating a very busy Autumn as I attempt to juggle two different schools. The good news is that I will be taking three months of study leave from work right after my summer holiday, yay!


Now sailing season has started again which means that we’ll be mostly living on the boat in July. We have one weekend trip under our belt for this summer, as the boat took longer than anticipated to get into the water due to all kinds of maintenance troubles.

All this means that time for blogging will be minimal once again for the next year. Sometimes I wonder if I’m of sound mind, as some free time would be greatly appreciated. Whenever I have the chance I will be taking a peek at your blogs, so hopefully I will still be able to stay updated on how you’re doing. Perhaps I will write a post now and then too.

How are you? What are you plans for this summer?

All these photos were taken last year in Hanko, a Finnish coastal town where people flock to be seen from June to August. Perhaps you will see me there too!


30 thoughts on “Hey you!

  1. Hi Jutismita! Hope the summer treated you well 💕 Haha feeling quite exhausted with the studies but only because I have had the flu for two months now ☹️ Thanks for the wishes and happy Fall!


  2. Wonderful to hear from you, Suvi! You are very much missed, but certainly not forgotten!

    Appreciate this catchup on what you’ve been doing – it’s so exciting!!!

    Wishing you all the best as you enjoy the rest of the summer and begin the endeavours of the year ahead! Sending you hugs!

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  3. eegads… I decided to return to school rather than work but I’m only doing one program, all solo and self-paced study. i did great for the first month (passed 3 classes), then the hard stuff hit and I’ve totally lost motivation… though I literally do nothing else (seriously, not even housekeeping).. i’m insanely impressed by your accomplishments!!

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    1. Oh no, I’m sorry to hear that you are having a hard time with your studies! I hope you find that motivation somewhere to continue. ❤️ I have to say that after almost two months of not doing anything related to school, finding the motivation to start again was quite a feat!


  4. I’m exhausted after reading that! 😉 Good for you for continuing your studies! I hope you’re still able to enjoy this beautiful summer we’re having, and get some much needed down time.
    I’ll be busy as well, but I look forward to hearing about how things progress for you. Best of luck! 😊

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    1. Oh the summer sure has been wonderful! I’ve kept my studies on hold for almost two months and just enjoyed the warmth ☀️ But I’m now back on track 😅

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  5. Congratulations with all your educational accomplishments! I’ve been in school too so I completely understand how much time it takes and blogging really takes a backseat. I’m excited to hear how everything goes! 🙂

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    1. Too bad you don’t have a summery trip to Finland coming up this year! Maybe you should visit in the Fall for a couple of days when I’m on study leave? 💕💕 xx

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  6. Oh wow, your life sounds hectic!!! Twin toddlers is nothing compared to what you’re doing on a daily basis!! 🤣Two schools and all that travel!
    I’ve never been to Hanko and I didn’t know it was the place to be seen! LOL! Maybe we’ll go this summer now that we have a car. 😉
    Enjoy your busy life and see you here in the blog world when you have more time! Heips!

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    1. Hahah exactly, I was telling my husband that even though our kids are older, our life is busier than ever! Oh you should definitely pick a summery day and make a trip to Hanko. It’s very pretty and once you are in the harbor area, you will know what I meant about coming there to be seen 😅 Happy summer and see you around 💕😎 xx

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  7. You crazy lady!! All the best with your studies. It’s never too late to make new goals and learn new things – I admire you 😊 Wishing you a well-deserved summer break with good sailing weather!

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      1. O, hi, Suvi! 🙂 Greetings to your tropical destination which happens to be Finland. 😀 I’m in Slovenia for two months this year, having a bit of doctors, a bit of fun and a bit of family time. And a LOT of heat.

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  8. Suvi, it is so nice to hear you have so many wonderful things happening for you right now! I have had a very hectic year and understand your need to take a breather perfectly! It sounds as though all is well and you are persuing your passions while still having a bit of time to squeeze in travel and time for friends. I wish you all the best and hope to make it back to Finland in the future so we can meet up again! Happy Midsummer!

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    1. Thanks for all your kind words Katy! I so hope your trip to Finland is coming up soon. We can combine it with Tallinn too 🙏🇫🇮💕🇪🇪


    1. Hi Georgina! I just read that you have sold your boat 😢 Enjoy the last few months with her 💕💕💕⛵🌊 We just spent four weeks sailing the Finnish archipelago ⚓

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  9. After reading this blog text I really wonder you are alive😁. I have been thinking what has happened to you, nice to read you are living full life. It is important, because the time is flying so fast, it must be used to everything good, not to waste it. I hope you have time to blog now and then and tell what is happening.
    Have a great summer!

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    1. Thank you Kristiina for your comment, lovely to hear from you after so long ❤ I always enjoy the photos on your blog. I wish you a wonderful Midsummer and the summer ahead, let's hope for some fantastic weather 🙂 xx

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