Vienna at a glance

Strolling through my photos, I came upon these shots from Vienna. I was there in the summer of 2010 for a quick visit on my way to Gyor in Hungary.


Of course, like other tourists visiting Vienna, I had to make a stop at the Schönbrunn Palace. The palace used to be the main summer residence of the Habsburg rulers back in the day. As the day was sweltering hot, people were opting to tour the inside of the palace rather than subject themselves to heat and sunburn outside.


The gardens were exquisite but some parts were still undergoing some serious work.


Vienna had many horse carriages all around. I am sure you will still find them there as they continue to be popular among visitors in European cities. Sadly, these rides are cruel for the horses.


Thankfully the horses in the photo below seem to have had some water to drink at least.


Here’s a strange shot. The Japanese tourists are photographing and looking at something around and above and one young man is finding something on the ground very interesting. One gentleman in the background seems to be somewhat disoriented.


Starbucks Coffee – you can find them almost everywhere. I try to avoid them these days unless there’s a blended matcha frappe on the menu. The lady in blue catches your eye!


Summer fashion from 2010.


This lady is a trendy mommy with a style which you could pull off even now.


An ample fruit and vegetable section at a shopping center. What colors! Nuns, seniors and tourists alike browsing.


These photos were part of the Friendly Friday Photo Challenge hosted by fellow blogger Snow. This week’s theme is Photo Walk. Go ahead and join the fun!


Happy weekend!


6 thoughts on “Vienna at a glance

  1. Vienna looks like a lovely city to visit in summer. Previously I had only seen bits of it on a TV detective show with a famous Police Dog. Was it really hot that day at Schonbrunn?

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    1. Hahahha, I know – I was like whaaaaaat – this was in 2010??? when I came upon the photos! Time sure flies… Your visit is even further away than mine 😉

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