Gardens on my mind

Right now my garden is slowly revealing itself after the winter. We had so much snow that there’s still a huge pile hiding some of the plants. Nothing is blooming yet. Therefore, to find greenery, one needs to go to a botanical garden.

The Kaisaniemi botanical garden is a lovely place to spend a day. First of all, its warm inside and some of the rooms are very tropical with humid air and high temperatures. A huge plus in the colder months! Also, it has a peaceful atmosphere and some people choose to come there to study.

I have never been good at naming flowers or plants, therefore I won’t even attempt to do so. You can find 1300 different plant species at the gardens. Maybe you can spot familiar ones and let me know! In summer, it is worth visiting the historical outdoor garden of which some parts have been there since the 1830s.

At the time of my visit, the garden’s favourite attraction, the Santa Cruz water lily wasn’t on show yet. Apparently it withers every year after Christmas and a new seedling is planted each Spring. The water lily is quite a miracle as it has survived the bombing of WWII!

This post is my contribution to the In the Garden photo challenge hosted by Jennifer.


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