A rainy day in Florida

Once upon a time, a family from Finland decided to brave the long journey to Florida for a holiday filled with fun and sun. Unfortunately, American Airlines forgot all their luggage in Paris and thus, the family found themselves in a beautiful boutique hotel in Fort Lauderdale without as much as a toothbrush to their name.

No fear, Walmart to the rescue! There the family stocked up on Florida essentials like swimwear and goggles. And some toothbrushes.


The family was optimistic that the rain would clear up by the time they got back to the hotel and they were already imagining themselves lounging by the pool under the warmth of the Florida sun.


But alas! It’s not always sunny in Florida and instead of rays of sun, raindrops greeted them.


Fortunately the family was from Finland – a land where people go swimming when the sea has iced over. So a mild Florida shower was not going to deter them from their plan of swimming!


So they changed into their swimming gear and made their way to the pool.


To their surprise, they were the only ones there.


The teenager of the family decided against swimming.


It was more fun taking photographs of the surroundings and the raindrops here and there.


The baby of the family had a grand time, diving and snorkelling all around the pool in his new swimming trunks till even he felt the chill and a warm shower sounded like a good idea.


These photos were taken at the Aqua Hotel in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. This post is my contribution to the Friendly Friday photo challenge. This week’s theme is Raindrops.


15 thoughts on “A rainy day in Florida

  1. Awww!!! What a cute story!!! And gorgeous photos, what a talented teen you have! I love the last pic, it’s just so endearing. I remember swimming days from my childhood so well, the reluctance to leave the water, and those were the best of times 😊❀️

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    1. Exactly! I too had a childhood filled with swimming, it was the best 😍 The teen is now on her 20s, an even better photographer now with a visually beautiful IG account 😁

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    1. Hehe, well thankfully the next day was hot, as were most of the days! Although I remember one day it being -1 C in the morning which was not a common occurrence.

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  2. Same thing happened to us when we went to Fort Lauderdale last December for Christmas holiday. We expected sunny and warm weather and were greeted with a tropical shower. It was hard to see outside of car windows and we got lost once on the way to the Airbnb we rented. In the next few days though the weather cleared up. Expectations vs reality πŸ™‚ Lovely pictures! They show a mystery of the rainy weather perfectly.


  3. So glad up enjoyed the day despite the weather. My teen would have been similarly engaged in photography rather than swimming. We had a pool of our own at home so for them a pool was nothing special that they couldn’t do at home. Thanks for joining in on Friendly Friday’s Photo Challenge.

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  4. Oh man, I have so much sympathy for you. I feel like that’s happened to me many times (luckily without children). I hope the weather eventually cleared up for you!

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