The land of a thousand lakes

Finland is known for its’ lakes. You can find as many as 187,888 lakes here which is more than anywhere in the world! As I sail and we live near the sea, I don’t have the chance to visit lakes that often. However, as a child, just like many other Finns, my family had a summer cottage by a lake. We used to swim all day with friends, bask on the pier reading books and, in the evenings, my dad would heat up the sauna.

A few summers ago, my friend Marion, who I’ve met through her blog, was visiting Finland. She suggested we go to the Lake Tuusula region to see some of the artists’ villas who lived around the lake. I had searched online what else there would be to see in the surroundings and found the recreational area called Sarvikallio.


Sarvikallio is a viewing point from where you can see gorgeous scenery of Lake Tuusula. The highest point is 25 meters above the lake. Sarvikallio used to be a favourite spot for picnics with the artsy community (composers and painters) and the view has been an inspiration for many paintings. You can spot some of the artists’ villas on the shore across from Sarvikallio.


To get there, the easiest way is to go by car or bike. First, you need to find the right turn (I was sure we were on the wrong road!) and then walk through the forest. Your navigator should be able to recognize “Sarvikalliontie, Tuusula” and guide you to the correct parking place.


The actual viewing point is around a one kilometre’s walk from the parking spot and you will find it by following the signs. The view is magnificent!


Have you been to this viewing point? Wouldn’t you love to go there for a picnic? Ah, if it just were summer…


12 thoughts on “The land of a thousand lakes

  1. Your pictures could be of Northern Ontario in Canada and your summer cottage experience could be the same … up until you say “… in the evenings, my dad would heat up the sauna.”

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    1. So true, it was a fun day out! I too, hope we meet up soon. Now with the Brexit mess I have postponed my plans to visit London until it has all been resolved. I can’t take the stress of not knowing if it will somehow affect my travel plans. 😦

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    1. Welcome back one day! The sauna is such an everyday experience for us, as everyone has access to one at their house/apartment. But I do understand it being “exotic” for other nationalities – for example my friend from Denmark always wants to heat up the sauna at my house when she visits.


      1. Thank you Suvi.My svensk friend did the same for me. I love the feeling of fresh invigorated skin and flushed cheeks. I thought it was fabulous to have one in your cellar. If I could I would have one in my new house. But that won’t happen, so I will have to come visit Scandi/ Finland again sometime or visit my local gym.

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  2. If only it was summer. 😂😂 I’m losing faith that that season will visit Finland this year! I haven’t been to that viewing spot, but Hubster and I are hoping to rent a car and drive to northern Finland this summer. We may not have much longer to explore this amazing country, and I think seeing the “midnight sun” would be really neat.
    Thank you for sharing!

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    1. I too look forward to summer ❤ But even these sunny days are enough to make me feel more energetic and willing to spend time outside. If you go to Northern Finland in the summer, be warned of ampossible mosquito attack, we really had a horrible summer two weeks there – my son looked like he had chicken pox even though it was "just" mosquito bites!! But the midnight sun Lapland experience was interesting – I had no idea if it was day or night half the time!!


      1. Oh goodness! I’ve heard about the bugs, but I didn’t realize they were that bad! I’d love to experience the endless sun, even though I think it will drive me crazy.

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