Happy May Day!

Strolling along the Motława River Embankment you can’t not notice the ferris wheel in the distance.


It’s the AmberSky Gdansk – Kolo Widokowe.


On a chilly day, there were no queues so I insisted my daughter and I go on a ride.


Unfortunately, the windows were really murky!


Truth be told, going round and round at a slow pace gets a bit dull after some time…


There’s just so many photos you can take of the same scenery. My daughter warned me but I didn’t listen as I’m a sucker for views!


Even though I found the ride a bit on the boring side, it could be interesting to try it again in the evening, to see all the lights.


With these photos from sunny Gdansk, I wish you all a Happy May Day or as we say in Finland – Hauskaa Vappua!


9 thoughts on “Happy May Day!

  1. I miss Gdansk! It looks cold but looks like you still had some fun under the sun 🙂 I have never been on that ferris wheel, but maybe I should go the next time I am there 🙂 Have you tried the beaches near Gdansk or Polish coast? They’re quite pretty but always absolutely jam-packed with people in summers 😀

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      1. There are a bunch of seaside towns in Poland which are well worth visiting. June and September are better options to enjoy the beaches relatively to yourself hehe. Sopot is so pretty! I have to go to seaside this year and blog about it 🙂

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  2. I did the same thing in Gdansk! I was pretty bummed Hubster wouldn’t spring for the VIP seats which have a glass floor. Little Man really loved it though, so I enjoyed watching his excitement.
    I still need to go on the Helsinki Ferris wheel. I’m convinced that one has great views! 😉
    Hauskaa Vappua!

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    1. If I recall correctly, the Helsinki one has blue tinted glass which is a bummer for photos. Otherwise the views were lovely! But just like the Gdansk one, it got a bit boring except that I went with my mom who realized she’s afraid of heights when we were at the top 😂

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      1. That’s hilarious! My mom knows she’s afraid of heights and has refused to go on Ferris wheels with me since I was a teenager. Hopefully this summer I can try out the Helsinki wheel.

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    1. Yes it’s funny how you forget it when you see a ferris wheel! Thankfully there was no queue, otherwise it would’ve been worse 😅


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