Friendly Friday – Alleys

This week’s Friendly Friday theme “alleys” takes my blog to South of France. We went there for a two week family holiday in 2010, staying a week in St Raphael and another in Cannes.

There were many cute alleyways to be found in the lovely seaside towns by the coast. Hubby seemed to be into taking photos of us walking in different alleys as there are quite a few photos like that in my album, LOL!

What we all remember most about this holiday was how hot it was. In the daytime even walking a small way seemed like a huge task. The beaches were jam packed! Even the water in the swimming pools was hot. In the evenings it was cooler but still warm enough to go around without a cardigan. Ah, for the love of warm summer evenings!

Do take part in this fun challenge with a post of your own! More information can be found on the blog Something to Ponder About hosted by Amanda. ❤



12 thoughts on “Friendly Friday – Alleys

      1. That’s wonderful to hear. My husband and I are moving to France (with our son) in the Fall and I love to take photos down alleyways. We should start a “Tuesday Alleyways” group or something. 😀

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            1. Oh my, I’ve never heard of Perpignan, so had to Google! What a great place to live, near Barcelona and other interesting places 🙂

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  1. I think every town in France has plenty of alleyways. I’m just trying to remember whether 2010 was a particularly warm summer. If it was, I suspect it wasn’t as warm as last year.

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      1. Fortunately we live on the coast so it never gets too hot but nonetheless it was a very warm summer. I prefer it a couple of degrees cooler, so much better for cycling.

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