Weekly Favourites, 11th May, 2019

As you know, I was in Copenhagen last weekend visiting a Danish friend, Lene. It was lovely, albeit extremely cold! Where did the summer go?


Copenhagen was very eventful with lots of walking around the city. On Saturday morning we went winter swimming at the harbour near Lene’s house. She swam around in the freezing water for what seemed like 10 minutes!! I’m sure it wasn’t more than eight degrees celsius. I only managed a quick dip and even then I felt strangled for breath.

I had wished we visit the Karen Blixen Museum and Lene was lovely for taking me there. It was fantastic!


We also visited the Louisiana Modern Art Museum which was in the most stunning setting. In addition we climbed up a church tower, strolled around Christiania, ate a lot and shopped a bit. Did you know that fanny packs are back??

I found Malaysia chicken satay at Reffen – Copenhagen Street Food and tried a white chocolate flødeboll (so sweet!) at Lagkagehuset among other interesting discoveries.

On Monday I visited Cafe Regatta with my son. It is my favourite cafe in Helsinki – the view is beautiful and everything they serve is delicious. He had a salmon sandwich and some blueberry pie and I opted for a “korvapuusit” aka cinnamon bun. Unfortunately it’s a bit out of the way but this time I was able to park really nearby. I’m sure that won’t be possible in summer though, as it is a popular spot with the Sibelius Monument right next door.

On Thursday I met up with my friend Lilli for a visit to the Lonna sauna. Lonna is a small island, just 10 minutes by ferry from the Helsinki Market Square. There is a restaurant and a cafe and it also offers visitors the possibility of a Finnish sauna experience (for a fee). If you plan to go, make sure you reserve your place beforehand, as only 12 people are taken in at one time. It was a chilly and windy evening but nevertheless, we braved the freezing Baltic Sea and dipped in not once, but three times! It was great to catch up with Lilli, as we hadn’t seen each other for ages. I do think the ferry should be free if you have booked the sauna, as with paying seven euros for the ferry, 17 euros for the sauna and 13 euros for the waffle we had at the cafe, the expenses start to add up.


On Friday hubby and I visited a new bar in Espoo, Sidewalk. Espoo doesn’t really have many places to spend an evening if you don’t count the beachfront cafes. I had read about Sidewalk in the newspaper and wanted to check it out as the review was good. To get there, we used Uber for the first time in Finland. Uber is really expensive here but for short distances the price is still manageable. The first car we had was extremely beat up and didn’t really make an impression. The second one looked like a taxi but wasn’t one even though there was a taxi sign on top. The driver waited for us in the wrong spot and seemed annoyed when we came looking for him. I’m not sure if I will want to use Uber here anymore, perhaps it’s just better to stick with public transport. Oh, and to get back to the bar, it didn’t impress me either, so I don’t think I’ll be back.

The latest audiobook I finished was The Care and Feeding of Ravenously Hungry Girls by Anissa Gray. I listened it to while scraping off the peeling paint from our railings, preparing them for a paint job (it’s been endless, thank goodness for audiobooks to keep me entertained!). The book looks into the complex relationships of what is family, as some members go from being respected members of the community to the total opposite. The family tries to function and cope through all the change and drama that ensures and find their way. I loved the book and it was a great decision to listen to it, as the narrators were really entertaining.


Tomorrow is Mother’s Day in Finland! Happy Mother’s Day to all of you out there ❤


How was your week?


7 thoughts on “Weekly Favourites, 11th May, 2019

  1. Happy Mother’s Day to you, Suvi!
    Your friend sounds very brave to want to swim in 8 degrees water! Perhaps followed by a 1 hour sauna it’d have been manageable for me but I can’t imagine otherwise. Brrr.. I visited Copenhagen almost 4 years ago and I remember really liking the city. I caught some great sunny weather the whole time, and as a Nordic capital, I found it much more interesting for visitors than Helsinki (sorry! 😀 ) and Oslo. All those seaside cafes in Helsinki sound so lovely! Minus the cold of course hehe. Ughh I can’t imagine what I’d do if Uber was so expensive here in Poland, I use them so often..

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    1. Hahah, yes I can understand that Copenhagen seems more interesting, there is simply more to see there! I have grown to appreciate Helsinki as I’ve grown older and now love to spend time there 🙂

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  2. I so love reading about how you spend your weeks Suvi. Regatta is one of my favourite Helsinki cafes too with both the food and location being splendid. I’ve yet to visit Copenhagen but apart from transiting through its airport, I haven’t been but would love to. Lovely weather has just arrived in the UK hope it’s like that with you, too.

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    1. We too had some lovely weather but now it has turned again and we are freezing here! It’s not a good combination with the need to prepare the boat. I was waxing the boat all day yesterday with so many clothes on I could hardly move 😉

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  3. It is Mothers day here already in Australia, Suvi, but the rest of the family is sleeping so I snuck in a look at the blogs to let them rest. It is always so nice to come here and read about my beloved Scandinavian, and see photos of Cinnamon buns! Of course there was a Salmon sandwich in there. You have So many different varieties of Salmon in Finland; I could not believe it when I visited. We have one variety. 😦 I wanted to visit the sauna you mentioned but didn’t quite have enough time to do that when I was In Helsinki and I am also glad to see that you climbed the church tower – in Copenhagen…Church of ‘Something’saviour is the name, or isn’t it? Anyways, the name doesn’t matter, I didn’t know you could walk up that one. I will remember that for my next visit. Happy Mothers day to you. I hope the children spoil you! I am off to investigate the book you mentioned, that sounds intersting.

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    1. Apparently it’s just “Our Saviour’s Church” 😃 I think it was the coolest church I’ve walked up because the end was a spiral staircase OUTSIDE which got narrower the higher up you got. But it also meant a bit of a “traffic jam” to the top. Some people started to feel dizzy and had to go back down. Imagine fainting up there 😳 Happy Mother’s Day x


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