An immersive museum visit

I’m a huge fan of museums. However, there has to be something to pique my interest to keep me keen. For example museums with rooms filled with showcases are not my thing. I simply do not have the stamina to go around and read all the text related to the artefacts on show.

I had heard that the Museum of the Second World War in Gdansk was excellent, so I added it to my list of places to visit. However, I did not have time to look into it further, so I was happily surprised to find out that it was even better than I expected. The museum was very immersive, with expert use of sound and light and I found myself often very moved by what I experienced.


My favorite part was the children’s museum! I was inspired by how excellent it would be for a teacher to take their class. Before I go into it, I would like to point out that in my professional and personal opinion I do not think that this museum is suitable for children under 13 years old and I wouldn’t even take a child under 10 to the children’s museum unless I had prepared them for it beforehand thoroughly. I was shocked to see very small children with their parents going through the whole museum, sporting audioguides and listening to gruesome accounts of atrocities done during WW2. Poor kids, I hope they weren’t badly traumatized.


Anyway, to go back to the children’s museum. It consists of four rooms. First, you will go to a classroom where the children featured went to school. You can sit by the desk and imagine what it was like.


Then you are taken into the apartment where the family of four lived. You will experience it before the war, when things were changing and during the war. It is easy to imagine yourself in these scenes as it has been built into an immersive environment. You can see how the apartment changes, what happens outside from the window (via video) and feel it through the audio that has been created to make the scene.


I was very impressed and I am sure this museum will move the children who visit it. I would take caution with taking children or teens who have experienced war themselves as I can imagine the immersive aspect could trigger painful memories.


The whole museum would take at least half a day to go through thoroughly. My daughter and I did not realize how big it is, so we were taking our time in the beginning, studying everything with care to notice that we weren’t even halfway through. In the end we were too tired and had to speedwalk through the finale which is a pity as it was beautifully constructed all the way through.


I am very interested in WW2 history, so this museum was definitely a must see for me. Nevertheless, it has been created with expertise and made in a way that it comes about as interesting to anyone, so I recommend visitors going to Gdansk pay it a visit. Oh, unless you have small children with you, then it’s best to just admire the architecture from outside!


After our visit, we went to the nearby Guga Sweet and Spicy by the river for drinks, a vegan lunch and sun.


Have you visited the WW2 museum in Gdansk? What kinds of museums do you like to visit back home or on your travels?


15 thoughts on “An immersive museum visit

  1. Great write up about this museum. When we visited Gdansk, we were quite keen on visiting it but didn’t manage as we ran out of time. Hopefully on another we’ll be able to see it.

    Also, thanks for this piece of information, “unless you have small children with you, then itโ€™s best to just admire the architecture from outside!” That’s really helpful as we don’t small children. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I like all kinds of museums really, but not so much the war museums. They can a bit tense.

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    1. Gdansk is so easy to reach, I am sure you will go again and can visit this museum then! This was quite tense but it was so wonderfully put together that it would be a shame to not visit it because of that. Happy rainy day to you! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. I prefer art and photography museums and my husband likes history and war museums. So on our trips we usually agree to see at least one art and one history museum. WW2 is a huge topic and there are so many aspects of it. It would never cross my mind though to go to WW2 museum, just because memory of that war is so deeply rooted still in the family history. No one liked to talk about it. Grandfather simply said that in his opinion, war is not a topic to discuss with kids, period. But it’s something you learn overtime anyway. Good stories and bad stories, happy endings and those that were not so happy.

    I actually have been to WW2 museum only once, with my husband in Moscow. I didn’t like it. It was huge, it had so many things and was really abstract. I just had the feeling that they are not able to tell the story at all. The museum in Gdansk you described sounds like a completely different experience. Very thought provoking post!

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    1. How interesting to hear your thoughts on history museums Elena! The museum in Moscow doesn’t sound like a success, I will keep that in mind if I ever get to go. Lucky that you can get your husband to go to museums, mine isn’t fond of them at all, LOL!


  3. I was so disappointed that we couldn’t make it to this museum! (I think it was closed for the holidays when we were there.) My first thought when you mentioned your concern for the young kids going through was “but this war affected kids that age”. Then I thought back to visiting the Holocaust museum in Washington DC when I was 13. It wasn’t traumatic per se, but it definitely made me cry. A lot. That being said, if the kids are really young, most probably don’t grasp what the museum is actually about. It’s such an important part of world history, but also very difficult to think about. I’m glad you found it moving, and I hope to get there someday.

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    1. I really hope you get to visit one day! It was one of the highlights of Gdansk. Auschwitz is not recommended for under 14 years old and I think it’s best to go with the same recommendation when it comes to the WW2 museum. Even though children might not grasp what the museum is about, it could be quite confusing and even scary hearing about the stories and seeing the photos of all the events. This museum definitely was quite an overwhelming experience, even for an adult! Thank you for taking a look at my post โค

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      1. I feel like most museums/memorials surrounding WWII are intense. Hubster visited Auschwitz as a teenager as part of a Jewish youth group trip. I have a strange fascination with these things, but the reality is so brutal that I can understand not wanting to expose young children to the horrors. When Little Man is older, I hope to visit different sites with him as it’s such a strong part of his culture.
        Thank you for sharing your photos and experience of the museum!

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        1. Some of My Danish friends said that they went to Auschwitz with their class, that it was part of their curriculum! Have you visited? I haven’t posted about it but will soon. I also saw some youth groups there, probably on similar visits that your hubby went there with.

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          1. No, but I would love to see it. His was the birthright trip to Israel, with a stop in Poland for Auschwitz. The only thing similar that I’ve been to is the memorial in DC. That was a school organized trip, but it was paid for by the students and took place during spring break. There’s also Stutthof concentration camp near Gdansk that I wanted to visit, but I believe it said it was not recommended for children under 13. I have so many travel plans for when the little one is older!

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            1. I wanted to see Stutthof too but it was too cold. My daughter didn’t have warm enough clothes for the weather, no hat, no gloves, flimsy jacket… ๐Ÿ˜„


            2. A Finn without warm clothing?! I’m shocked! ๐Ÿ˜ฒ๐Ÿ˜‚ I was wearing a short sleeved shirt and no jacket (not even a sweater!) today and people were still wearing coats. I don’t understand.

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            3. Haha! Well, she’s 23, so I think it’s an age thing ๐Ÿ˜‚ Today was divine, I had my coat in the morning but didn’t need it for the rest of the day ๐Ÿ˜

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  4. The history museums are fascinating. I do like to visit the museums that have interactive displays. I think I saw a good one in Warsaw but I think it could have been this one. I will have to check which city now.

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