Coffee in Gdansk

Gdansk has cute cafés all over Old Town. My daughter and I found Jozef K to one to be our favourites. Open the door and step in to see the quirky design inside!


I suggest you make your way upstairs as that is where you will find comfy chairs and sofas in all kinds of colors.


If you want to settle down on a little balcony, even that is possible!


Oh my – who is that? She gets to enjoy the café day in and day out. Not to mention the views to an Old Town street.


It seems that the details have been put together to give you the impression that it’s quite random but look at those black umbrellas on the right. Don’t they look that they just belong there?


Oh and I almost forgot! The coffee is great and the cakes are absolutely divine. They even cater for vegans.


This post is part of the Friendly Friday challenge. This week’s theme is design. Do take part with your own post here!



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