Copenhagen canal feels

Every single traveller visiting Copenhagen is sure to spot the canals of Copenhagen. Maybe some even have the opportunity to take a canal tour. I absolutely adore the atmosphere around the canals, there’s always love in the air.

These photos were taken on a chilly day in May. Copenhagen is great any season of the year. Especially if you have a friend to tour it with.


I would love to take a canal tour one day. Preferably when it is warm. Some people opt to tour the canals on their own boats.


These guys were in the mood for some fun and threw unopened beer cans to other partying onlookers.


The chill didn’t seem to bother these boaters. Maybe they had some hot wine to keep their warmth and spirits up.


The colorful buildings make a great backdrop for taking shots for Instagram.


Nyhavn is the place to be to catch the sunset.


Looks this way and that, it looks pretty.


Especially if you have your own balcony to admire it from. ❤


There’s bound to be some action nearby the canals if that’s what you’re looking for but you can also find a peaceful spot to quiet your mind.


Have you been to Copenhagen? What did you enjoy most about it?


18 thoughts on “Copenhagen canal feels

  1. The canal tour is worth it, because you see so much else from the boat including the magnificent Opera House on the Harbour, as well as the loads of tourists near The Little Mermaid Statue! Plus the guide can tell you about some of the history, which is interesting. Was in Copenhagen recently (have not had time to blog about it yet)!

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    1. Hi Deb! Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting! I like the sound of the canal tour, will suggest it to my friend next time I go to Coprnhagen. 😍


  2. Was last in Copenhagen in 2011 and did indeed take a small trip around its canals. It was a great way to see the city. I’ve taken similar trips in Amsterdam and Berlin and find it gives the places a different perspective.

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  3. Ja, I have been many times to Kopenhavn! There is so much that I like about it. The Stroget, is the best, the shopping, the cinnamon buns from 7/11, the polse stalls on the streets, the Tivoli, Rosenborg palace and gardens, smorrebrod at Nyhavn, Kastellet, The Round Tower, wander the halls of City Hall, visit Dragoer. Always plenty to do there.

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    1. Sounds like you have your fave haunts in the city! That’s great about visiting a place numerous times, you don’t have to search for things you like to do or eat, you can just go straight to them. I have a wonderful friend living in Copenhagen who can show me around 🙂

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      1. Well it is a kind of hub for exploring northern Europe and Scandinavia by plane and that makes it a great place for a short stopover. I think I have covered most touristy things there now, so I usually stop in to see a few friends.

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