Copenhagen from above

They say that the view from the Church of our Saviour’s tower is the best in Copenhagen. I’m not sure I can say anything about the matter as I’m not an expert on Copenhagen views but if locals say so, let’s believe it!


The church is one of Denmark’s most famous churches and can be seen from afar. The serpentine spire was inaugurated in 1752 and since then it has been possible to climb up.


There are 400 steps of which 150 are outside, so you get to climb the spiral itself! Exciting!


Apparently over 60 000 people climb up yearly. We met people from the US and Australia while waiting for our turn to go up.


The views are breathtaking.








Have you climbed up the spiral? Do you have a rivalling view of Copenhagen you can recommend?


15 thoughts on “Copenhagen from above

    1. That’s awesome, you have plenty of time to plan the best trip ever! I hope you got some tips from my blog. It’s such a beautiful city 🥰 Thanks for commenting!


  1. The views from the City Hall Radhuset are pretty cool too, but I have never been up the spiral stairs. You are making me quite homesick now, Suvi. I see that view out over Copenhagen when I fly in to Kastrup on the plane, and it always makes my heart goes fluttering because I know I will be in Copenhagen in a few minutes!! Thanks so much for hte grand photos. Looks like the weather was really kind to you.

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