Örö Fortress Island

Örö was a closed military island from 1915 to 2015. From 2015 onwards the public has been able to access the island by boat or ferry. However, the island has been quite a difficult business venture as so far three different entrepreneurs have tried their hand at it, failing financially each time.

The island has a lot of potential as it has beautiful nature and an interesting history. However, due to high taxes, expensive workforce and erratic Finnish summer weather, getting a business to succeed on an island here is not an easy feat.


The island is part of the Archipelago National Park.


There are 13 kilometres of marked hiking trails – lots to explore!


You can see trenches around the island.


And other old army remnants.

IMG_7362 2

The nature is exquisite – you can even find rare plants there.


The island is a must for bird watchers. However, this bird was a sticker on a window.


We enjoyed the sauna and a swim in the sea.


My favourite moment in Örö was in the morning, when the sea was calm and most people were still asleep on their boats.


Let’s hope Örö finds a new entrepreneur to continue the business as it would be a pity to lose such a unique destination in the archipelago.

Have you been to Örö?


9 thoughts on “Örö Fortress Island

    1. Haha we walked around the island for hours, it was perhaps a bit too much, it would’ve been better to concentrate on one area only. Not the whole island! 😅


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