One last look at summer and my favourite island to this day – Jurmo.

I posted about Jurmo some time ago, as I experienced the most idyllic sunset there. That post can be read here.


The island has a special aura, I haven’t ever heard of anyone who hasn’t fallen in love with it. You can find it in the Pargas archipelago and it is only accessible by your own boat or a ferry from Nauvo.


Jurmo has a shop where you can purchase fresh vegetables, berries and fish (among other things)!


Fresh produce on show and in the fridge.


There is a cafe there too. Oh and a bar!


I recommend the freshly baked cinnamon buns.


If you happen to be there at the right time, you can get smoked fish prepared by a local fisherman. I recommend you ask at the shop if there will be fish that day, the moment you arrive. The fish sells in minutes, so you have to be quick to make your purchase.


You can find many trails around the island. It’s a good idea to visit the nature hut before starting to explore the island further. There you will learn about the history and nature of Jurmo.


Like other islands in the archipelago, there is a church and graveyard.


The island is home to many rare seabirds. You have to be vigilant not to disturb them. Some parts of the island are off limits during nesting season.


In the evening, the harbour quiets down. You can rent a sauna for a truly Finnish island experience.


There is nothing like a Jurmo sunset, believe me. ❤


I would be interested to experience the island in Spring when it starts waking up for the summer season. There are several cabins you can rent if you don’t have your own boat. That would be an experience to remember!

Have you heard of Jurmo?


7 thoughts on “Jurmo

  1. I have not heard of Jurmo, but I will remember it now, since I am a sunset lover. Btw, all your sunset photos from the other post are delicious! I mean.. amazing, the cinnamon bun looks delicious🙂

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