It’s Fall Y’All!

“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.” ― L. M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables


Sometimes I wonder why I never used to notice the beauty of Fall before.


Now, October is one of my favourite times of year.


I love the colors of the falling leaves, the crisp air and sweaters. Not to forget pumpkins, candles and Halloween.


All these photos are from the Noux/Nuuksio National Park. It’s been ages since I’ve been there but when the kids were small, we used to go almost every weekend. These days I hear that many areas are full of tourists wanting the Finnish forest experience.


12 thoughts on “It’s Fall Y’All!

    1. I do love summer because of the warmth (if it happens to be warm in Finland) but the older I get, the more I love Fall. Enjoy the season 🥰


    1. Thank you Sheree! It’s been quite a spectacular Fall but in a week it will be over and darkness will engulf us. So I will be digging out the Christmas lights 🌟

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    1. Must say I am glad for our forests. There is one just 5 min from my house, so I can go walk there every evening and breathe the fresh air 🥰


  1. So jealous of the sights! All we’re getting here in Malaysia is monsoon and heavy rains every evening (which means two-hour traffic jams). Well, at least I can live vicariously through your pictures. Enjoy the autumn! 🙂

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