Raindrops in Oslo

Oslo. I’ve been to the city twice, both times for a conference. The first time I went, I spent the day after the conference wandering around by myself getting acquainted with the city.  It was a gloomy day and what I remember most about it is the impressive but strange Vigeland Sculpture Park. Sadly, on my second visit, I saw only the inside of an airport hotel. What an absolute travel fail!

Here is an assortment of snaps taken around the city center. The conference organizers arranged visits to the Oslo Opera House and the Nobel Peace Center but as it was so dark, the camera I had at the time failed to take any decent shots.


There were surprisingly few people about – maybe they’d been scared off by the weather too.


A lone rider watching over his city.


This florist really stole my heart with the arrangements outside her shop. ❤


I wonder if the water here ever freezes over?


Hmm, what’s that hanging there?


Bras. Oh okay!


Have you been to Oslo? If you have, what is your favourite memory about the city?


13 thoughts on “Raindrops in Oslo

  1. Nobody has asked so I will: What about these bras? Do you know? Is there a tradition that you must leave yours there? 😀 I haven’t been to Norway at all yet, nor Finland, and I’ve only smelled Sweden for a little bit coming by ferry from Denmark for a few hours. (It’s been a while since, I forget the details.)

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  2. Rain in Oslo, I wonder if it ever stops. I visited a few years back and even penned a post entitled ‘Oslo in heavy rain’! It was June and when we climbed up the Holmenkollen ski jump we nearly got blown off our feet. I think we both need to return in the hope of some Norwegian sunshine!

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  3. Oops yeah the weather was not in your favour indeed which makes your experience totally different than from mine being last time in the middle of a heatwave! In May the locals were swimming in the fjords and we took a ferry to one of the islands for a picnic on a mountain slope with great city views. I have visited the city 3 times (different weather conditions which adds different vibes each time!) and keep discovering new things. We even wrote quite a few articles about it. My favourite place? Watching Swan Lake in the Oslo Opera house after a behind the scenes tour, the Munch Museum and I was quite surprised by the botanical gardens as well. Are you planning one going back one day? I hope you will get to know it with blue skies, smiley locals on terraces and the perfect light for photographs! Thanks for this post 😃

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    1. Ooh sounds quite wonderful, lucky you with the heatwave! Haha not often we get those here in the North. I do think I will return one day but it’s not on top on my list as it’s so expensive! 😀 Thank you for reading and commenting 🥰


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