Whereabouts I don’t want to be

Snow from The Snow Melts Somewhere is one of the hosts for the Friendly Friday challenge. This week’s theme is “Whereabouts“. I took some time to look through my November photos from years gone by and decided that I would look at the theme from a bit of a nightmarish perspective. Do take part in the fun here!

As Snow points out in her Friendly Friday post, November is not a winter month. Therefore if one is adamant that it’s a Fall month, one might not be expecting snow at that stage.

Nevertheless, November 2016 caught boaters unawares. You see, it had been a particularly warm Fall and boaters were happy to extend the season late into October. However, they had not taken into account that preparing the boat to be lifted out of the water before the snow and ice hits, takes time and effort. It’s not something you can do just like that.


So when the warm weather suddenly turned and the snow started coming down heavily, most of the boats were still in the water. The temperatures plummeted quickly, causing the sea to start freezing. At this stage, the boaters started panicking.


The ice around the boats was quickly gaining momentum which meant that soon the boats would be surrounded by it and stuck. And those of you who have a boat, know what this means.


So what to do? In a state of alarm the boats were taken to the nearest pier to await the moment they could be lifted out of the water. It was a sorry sight.


I’m relieved to report that we had lifted our boat just days before the snow came. I’d say we were lucky. After that it’s been my mission to lift the boat in September. I’d rather be safe than sorry.


Hence, a November with our boat in the water is “whereabouts” I never want to be.



12 thoughts on “Whereabouts I don’t want to be

    1. Hehehe! This year I’ve been early with everything. We got the boat up in September, I raked all the leaves last weekend and I already have my winter tyres. Yay!


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