‘Tis the Season…

I’m one of those people who get excited about Christmas the minute the weather cools and the evenings start to get darker. But I go off it just as quickly, as I have no interest in seeing anything Christmas after Boxing Day!

When in Milan, hubby and I stumbled upon Lentini’s. Seeing a hint of Christmas inside, I just had to go eat there!


The restaurant was super cosy and all the Christmas decorations made me very happy!




I can’t recall what the food tasted like which is probably a telltale sign.




The restaurant has a great setting for a glass of Prosecco.


Someone may say that the decor is over the top but I say it’s awesome for anyone crazy for Christmas.


Are you a Christmas enthusiast? When do you start decorating?


13 thoughts on “‘Tis the Season…

  1. I love the look of Christmas … in other peoples’ places. I dread the taking down of decorations, so normally I avoid putting too many up. Sad, I know. On the up side, my neighbors get super freaky with lawn decorations and lights. They do enough and more for the entire neighborhood.

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    1. I do understand what you’re saying about taking down the decorations. It sure is a bummer! I used to decorate for all the holidays, enjoying the different themes but can’t be bothered to any longer because it’s such a hassle.


  2. Stunning pics of a lovely place. Really love the cosy feel to it. I wouldn’t say I’m a Christmas enthusiast but I really love winter season in general. I normally start decorating just before the Independence Day holiday because it’s also our wedding anniversary. Double celebration! 🙂

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