Friendly Friday: Isolation Cravings

It’s been so long since I took part in a Friendly Friday post that I feel quite rusty. This week’s topic is fun and oh so current, so I can’t resist taking part.

Many people seem to be craving moments in nature or walks on the beach. I’m lucky to be in Finland where we have been able to walk outside all this time. For me, this means daily walks either in the forest near my house or along the shoreline. I have discovered that I can find my way in the forest and can even take the small paths and navigate around. Oh, except once, when I took the kids (who are all grown btw) and somehow ended up making a full turn and walking right back the way we came. It certainly wasn’t the intention and you can imagine what fun the kids had at their mom’s disorientation! 😛

But. What do I crave? Perhaps it’s not a craving as such but I really miss meeting my friends and colleagues. My job is ending in two weeks, so I definitely miss our breakfasts and afternoon coffees together. I won’t even see my colleagues when I leave as everyone is working from their homes. Instead, I will go to the empty office and drop off my computer and keys. What a way for a job to end, quite sad really!


I miss going places. Museums, movies, restaurants, cafés. I don’t crave a certain food or dish as we can get almost everything as take-out. Instead I miss lingering in cafés and restaurants. I miss making plans to go to all of these. I haven’t done any of the virtual museum tours there are available, it just doesn’t feel the same. Here’s hoping our book club will be able to meet live in June at Goose Pastabar!

There is one thing I was a bit surprised to miss. I didn’t realize that we have got together almost every month for the past year. Can you guess? TALLINN. Yes, I really, really miss Tallinn and everything it has to offer. I cannot wait for my first trip back. During this time new cafés and restaurants have opened so I’m super excited to test those out. I will seek out the new MEM café first thing.

What are you craving? Do take part in Sandy’s Friendly Friday challenge and share your cravings. You can find the instructions and Sandy’s post here.



17 thoughts on “Friendly Friday: Isolation Cravings

  1. I am not normally a people person, I have always been a bit shy out in the world but I do enjoy conversations and spending time with others, even strangers, so I would say I am missing people the most. Yeah, we can talk from a distance but it isn’t the same with our faces half covered and fear showing in our eyes of the unknown. I miss just walking around, festivals, museums, shopping, eating out while surrounded by people. I miss giving cookies and treats to our neighbors too. Everything is looked at now as the potential of being something deadly.

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    1. You are so right, it’s not the same talking to people while keeping our distance and wearing a mask!! I wish you were my neighbor, I would welcome your cookies even at this time! 🍪 Take care and let’s hope there’s a way out of this soon ❤️


  2. This sounds like a great list of things to do soon 😀 I hope you will be able to resume your activities soon enough, Suvi!! I’m so happy for you that you have this peaceful nature close to your home… the streets and parks here are always so busy, there is no escape like that…and am so looking forward to your next trip to Tallinn 🙂 are you going to another job? fingers crossed all goes well and smooth!! xo

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    1. Have to admit I have been really grateful about the nature nearby ❤️ I have actually written a long post about my job situation but it’s quite personal, so I’m still unsure if I will publish 😂 Maybe next week after I leave my current job. 👀 xx

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  3. This really resonates. Love your post here. I need to think about where I want to go – real or imagined – now. Thanks.

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  4. Hi Suvi! Welcome back to Friendly Friday. It’s so true that given our digital age we can do almost anything from home. It’s the human interaction and social activity that we miss, especially those occasions when it’s not the outcome but the journey that’s enjoyed. Like your book club. Like your sailing trips. Thanks for re-joining the challenge. I hope to see you again. – Sandy

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    1. Thanks Sandy, it was fun to take part once again! Hopefully we will get to sail this summer but right now our boat is still on the hard and there’s quite a bit of maintenance to do before that. Have a great week! xx

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