An artist’s home – Ainola

Now that travel is restricted to nearby areas, many people are looking for places to visit locally. A few years back, Marion and I visited the Lake Tuusula region. The area is  famous for its’ beautiful lake and rich cultural and historical heritage.

One of the attractions we visited was Ainola. Ainola was the home of the famous Finnish composer Jean Sibelius. It was named after Sibelius’ wife, Aino.


The composer and his family lived in the house from 1904. The Lake Tuusula area was very popular among artist at the time, so the family had many friends nearby.


The quintessential Finnish sauna.


Jean and Aino Sibelius are both buried on the grounds. The surface of the grave resembles Lake Tuusula when it gets wet.


Aino had a huge vegetable garden with fruits, vegetables and berries. Wouldn’t you like to taste some of these red-currants?


What kinds of travel plans (if any) do you have for the summer?


18 thoughts on “An artist’s home – Ainola

  1. gorgeous shots, Suvi, and that place is so beautiful and picturesque… I’m glad you could travel locally, it’s just as exciting… I’ll be taking arm-chair trips this summer, looking at such photos 🙂
    and I’m off now to listen to some classical music now then 🙂

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  2. Hello.

    Great post. Thank you. I tried to visit it before the time of WordPress, many years ago and to shoot inside photos there, but it was not allowed. So, I decided to “keep your home”. It is great that you succeed!!!

    Happy mid-summer!

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    1. Happy Midsummer Matti! Thinking of going to Lake Tuusula again this summer, it’s such a beautiful area and there are so many museums there. Maybe you can try again as well!

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  3. This post bought back some fond memories of our time together Suvi and of our visit to Ainola. Will you be be able to take a sailing holiday this summer now that the marinas are starting to open? I’m undecided as where we will get to, hopefully overseas later in the summer but most likely to somewhere nearer home first. I’m missing Finland so much, it’s now just over two years since I was there!

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    1. Yes, sailing is very much on the cards this summer, so it’s not really any different from summers before, LOL! Our boat is ready and awaiting hubby’s holidays to start, marinas are also open. I am hoping to go to Tallinn very soon, as travel to Estonia isn’t restricted anymore. I’m still a bit vary of the ferry though! Take care dear xx


  4. Good to see a post! I really like the second photo (showing part of the house). You’ve got me thinking about culturally relevant places near where I live. Travel plans are suspended for now. Quite fancy Penang right now.

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    1. Hi James! It’s a rainy day here, so I’m catching up on the blogosphere 🙂 I’m sure you can find many interesting places to visit (and photograph) nearby 🙂 Penang would be quite lovely though, especially because of the food, LOL!

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  5. We won’t be traveling too far either this year. I would love to visit this home though—my father and I are big Sibelius fans. My family, about 25 of us, will be “social distancing” in Chincoteague, Virginia, home of a well-known “pony swim” where wild horses are rounded up and some of them are auctioned off. The pony swim, however, has been canceled this year. It usually attracts tens of thousands. I’ve seen the crowds. Once was enough. Have a great summer.

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    1. How lovely to hear that you are aquatinted with Sibelius! The home is closed in winter, so it’sAvery popular museum to visit come sunmertime. Wow I’ve never heard of a pony swim! I can imagine the crowds though 😳 Sounds lovely with the 25 of you together 💕💕 Wishing you a lovely summer! 🌞

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    1. Hello to London! 🇬🇧 Exploring Scotland sounds like a great way to spend summer. I love road trips, hopefully we will have some time to do one. Over here the borders to some countries have now “opened” and for example a road trip to Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania could be possible! 😎 Have a great summer!

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