11 thoughts on “Happy Midsummer!

    1. Hahah I love how you wrote that the weather is the same despite it being winter. So true! Over here it’s tradition to have bonfires but due to the forest fire warning they were not allowed this year. I have never been a big Midsummer fan as we never celebrated when I was a kid living in Malaysia. No Midsummer there 😂😂

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      1. So you don’t really celebrate midsummer, Suvi. That is such a contrast to the Finns and Scandinavians here who yes have bonfires at night too but who ardently celebrate midsummer eve, every year even though they have lived in Australia for many years. I admit a bonfire would be a bit hot in Malaysia.

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    1. Thanks Alexandra, snapped them on a walk around the island. Still here but soon heading home 🌞 Happy summer to you too! xx


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