Where the tourists used to roam

I visited Ao Nang in Krabi, Thailand with hubby and son in February 2020. The holiday was fun and jam-packed with activities but at times I felt it was overcrowded and felt quite worried about the flora and fauna in the area. I have now read that the situation is the total opposite, the streets are empty.

Apparently Ao Nang has basically been built for overseas tourists. The best way to get there is by air and accessibility by road is very inconvenient. Perhaps when developing new tourists spots in the future, this is one aspect to take into consideration.

Now that the pandemic has been going on for over a year, I am extremely thankful for our Thai holiday. I can’t even imagine when we could make such a trip in the future.

Despite the overflow of tourists, the nature was beautiful and the warmth heavenly.

I must say the food wasn’t as fantastic as I’d envisioned. But we did find delicious Indian food and the fruits and smoothies were divine. My favourite dish is morning glory!

There’s quite a bit to do in Ao Nang to keep you active for at least a week. We managed to see all we wanted to, so I don’t see myself going to this destination again even though it was all very enjoyable.

We visited the Monkey Trail, took a longtail boat tour to several destinations (Poda island, Koh Tup Island, Phra Nang Beach), visited Railay Beach by ourselves, hiked the Dragon Crest Mountain, visited Krabi Town and the Nightmarket there, climbed the 1237 steps of the Tiger Cave and naturally swam a lot in the pool and sea!

What I love about South East Asia are the warm evenings. As the sun sets, the weather cools and it’s not too hot but it is still warm enough to walk around in a summer dress. My favourite time of day definitely.

How have you been coping lately with the ongoing situation? Do you have plans to travel soon?


PS. This new block editor is driving me crazy! My post doesn’t look at all like it does on the editor once I publish it, and I keep having to bring it back as a draft. Also having moved from a business plan to a personal one seems to make even more complications as many of the features I used to use don’t work anymore. Anyone else struggling with this “new” block editor? I haven’t blogged for so long that even that has made me rusty.

22 thoughts on “Where the tourists used to roam

  1. You always do such nice foreground detail in your photos! Yep, I expect times are tough in destinations which cater for western tourists. I agree about the evenings, which are even better because in SE Asia there is usually lots of street life beyond people drinking. I want to revamp my blog, so I’m always curious about what people are doing.


  2. Wow, what a treat to see morning glory on your blog! I ate that all the time when I taught English in Thailand…one of the Thai teachers at my school introduced it to some of us western teachers, and I loved it. Thanks for sharing these gorgeous photos. I’m looking forward to the time when I can travel internationally again.

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    1. Hi Britta! I just love morning glory 🥰 I can’t get the real thing here but I make a similar dish with bak choy and spinach. Sounds like a fun venture to teach English in Thailand 🤩 Hope you are doing okay!

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  3. Ah, the good old block editor. I hate it! I blog 1-2 times a month now, and every time something has changed – for the worse. They are adding more steps to a process that used to be smooth. I think they are trying to get us all to upgrade into paying customers 😂 As for Krabi, your pics reminded me of my stays there as a
    flight attendant….

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    1. Aaargh doesn’t sound promising with you block editor experiences!!! One of my friends was a tour guide back in the day in Krabi. I’m sure you both have wild stories to tell 😜 xx

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  4. Hi Suvi, So pleased you managed to take that trip to Krabi just before travel restrictions were enforced. Everywhere is suffering so badly with the lack of tourists but once we can all travel freely again things should bounce back if businesses have been able to hold on. Marion xx

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    1. It will be interesting to see how things go. The restaurants here have mostly been able to hang on but need for things to pick up sooner than later. Personally I don’t feel comfortable eating indoors yet except outside on terraces especially since I am in contact with people all day at work. We “Wolt” food quite a bit though, at least that industry has developed a lot during this time, gone are the days when all you could order home was pizza! xx

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  5. Thanks for the escape. We dreamed of several trips last year we had to cancel. Thailand has been on my must-see lists for a long time but now I just dreaming of crossing my own country.

    I’m with you about the block editor—and I’ve been using it faithfully since they made it mandatory. It’s not as easy and my posts look clunkier. Hope someone at WordPress is reading your blog!

    Good to see you posting again. Hope we get to travel freely soon. Stay well.


  6. For sure there’s a learning curve with the new editor. Maybe it’s the platform that you’re editing on that causes the difference. I use my desktop computer to edit, so I don’t see the differences that you mention.

    I recognised Thailand as soon as I saw your pictures. I think there are quite a few communities that depend wholly on tourism. They are all hurting terribly.

    Welcome back in the blogosphere Suvi 🙂

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    1. Hi Sandy! I guess I need to blog more frequently to get the hang of it 😅 Practice makes perfect! I had some other drafts hanging but all of them had gone wonky bc of the editor so had to forget about them! Here in Finland Lapland is really hurting from the lack of tourist even though Finns are flocking there for their holidays. I hope you are well! xx

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  7. I have been using the block editor since us inception. I like it but occasionally it causes trouble. WordPress keeps changing features.
    Thailand was really capitalising on the tourist trade, so I guess they are feeling the effects of Covid in a dramatic way.
    What features are you missing most?

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    1. Hello dear! I’m struggling with the blocks, they don’t do what I want them to do 😅 Also, I can’t share to FB and Twitter automatically anymore but as I hardly post these days, I guess that’s not a huge issue 😜 How are you?


      1. I kind of like the blocks that you can rearrange them up or down easily rather than copying and pasting. What is it you want them to do. I may be able to help.
        Aligning photos with them can really upset them. I think it is easier to add image blocks separately and keep them separate.
        Things are good here. We keep our head down re covid in Australia and stay safe that way. We have no community cases, just a minor one here and there and a snap three day lockdown if we do. Otherwise, life returns to normal here, just more folks working from home. I keep active and exercise every day on the beach. That helps keep away the problems one encounters with aging. You are still working, aren’t you?

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        1. I do like how you can move the blocks up and down but I was having problems adding blocks in the first place! Also the photos weren’t showing right. I guess I’ll get the hang of it eventually if I keep trying!

          Sounds like the situation at your end is good! I am teaching kids, so have a lot of life around me compared to those who are working from home. It keeps me sane! I do miss swimming! xx


          1. How do you try to add your photos? I have had trouble with adding photos via urls and also google photos (due to privacy settings).
            Adding blocks can be done by clicking + icon at top left of screen or pressing enter on a pc and clicking plus (+) icon on the right side of that block.

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            1. Well I have been adding them from my phone but had uploaded them ages ago so I guess there was some problem now with the new editor. Let’s see! Thanks for the tips, I will try them next time I blog 🤩

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            2. I discovered there was some disparity between phone uploads. If you update a post on a pc/laptop/desktop and then want to edit it on your phone, then it reverts to a local version and won’t always show the latest post revision. This might also be an issue with photos. Do they show in your media library? There is an daily media upload limit on certain plans?

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