At a crossroads

How are you? Last week flew by in a whirlwind! I have been enjoying my time back at blogging (haha – for two weeks now!) but at the same time, I am wondering where I want to take this blog. Right now, it’s a mishmash of things – talk of travel, taking part in challenges … More At a crossroads

Hey you!

I’m just checking in to let those of you who still remember me know that I’m still alive! This past year has been super busy and sadly it looks like that’s how things will be for me for one more year. Read on to learn what’s been going on.


This week’s photo challenge is “Seasons“. In Finland we are in the transition stage, when Winter breaks into Spring. The rare rays of light are a promise of better things to come.

New things on the blog

I started Destination: everywhere three months ago. I threw myself into writing posts and photographing for the blog with the enthusiasm I have for everything I feel passionate about. I even went on a photography course! But I have to admit that the course left me more confused than ever, so mastering and understanding photography still … More New things on the blog