Gardens on my mind

Right now my garden is slowly revealing itself after the winter. We had so much snow that there’s still a huge pile hiding some of the plants. Nothing is blooming yet. Therefore, to find greenery, one needs to go to a botanical garden.

A cautious hello

Hello everyone! ❤ I cannot believe that the last time I wrote a post was in June of last year. It’s been nine months! I have to be honest, it has not been an easy nine months. Studying two degrees at the same time whilst juggling work and family life was not a great idea. … More A cautious hello

Hey you!

I’m just checking in to let those of you who still remember me know that I’m still alive! This past year has been super busy and sadly it looks like that’s how things will be for me for one more year. Read on to learn what’s been going on.

A Short Hello

We’re back to winter here in Finland. It’s dreadfully cold and there’s snow on the ground. But.. the sun was shining beautifully all day today! I take that as a promise of Spring. xx